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His book on Electro-Chemical Analysis has recently been translated into German by Dr. Max Ebeling, of the Technical School of Berlin.

For more than a century and a half Philadelphia has evinced a profound tendency toward studies in the natural sciences. Bartram's Botanical Garden was started in 1728, and Marshall's in 1773. During the past century the university made repeated attempts to establish studies in the natural sciences, and these efforts were finally ended, in 1884, in the organization and opening of the Biological School. Just before this. Dr. Horace Jayne, of the university, had gone abroad to examine the most celebrated

PSM V49 D478 Wistar institute of anatomy and biology.jpg
Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology.

laboratories of the Old World. He became fully convinced of the need in Philadelphia of a well-equipped biological school, separate and distinct from any other. He gave himself to the task of developing the school, and Provost William Pepper joined heartily in the movement. Although the services of the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences have been vast, its legitimate work has been only original investigation. The general scientific instruction in classes and by laboratory work remained for the Biological School to do. A further advance in higher education was made by opening the school to both sexes alike. In this school has been developed a complete system of education, different from but equal in value to the ordinary college course.