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Poor, Do the, hate the Rich? (Frag.) 714
Pratt, Charles Stuart. Pearls and Mother-of-Pearl 390
Progress is by Leaps, Why. G. Iles 216
Psychology of Puppies. (Frag.) 427
Public Service, Intelligence in the. (Table) 266
Pygmy, The, in the United States.* J. Weir, Jr., M. D. 47

Raymond, Paul. The Subterranean River Midroï* 253
Regnault, F. Exaggeration as an Æsthetic Factor 821
Rice, Japanese. (Frag.) 426
Richards, Harriet E. The Birds at Dinner* 337
River Midroï, The Subterranean. P. Raymond 253
Robinson Crusoe, Discoverer of. (Frag.) 427
Rogers, James Blythe the, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 261
Rogers, Robert Empie, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 837
Röntgen Ray, The. (Table) 125
Rowland, Henry Augustus, Sketch of.* (With Portrait) C. E. Lloyd 110

Scallop, The.* F. Mather 534
School Conditions and Eyesight. (Frag.) 862
Schools, Elementary, Another Bishop on Science Teaching in. (Table) 843
"Public, The Devil in the. (Table) 559
Science at the University of Pennsylvania.* L. R. Harley 440
"Some Beginnings in.* C. Cobb 763
"The Province of. (Table) 268
Self, The. and its Derangements. W. R. Newbold 810
Serum Therapy and Blood Brotherhood. (Frag.) 423
Shinn, Charles Howard. Nevada Silver* 734
Shufeldt, R. W., M. D. Frogs and their Uses* 179
Silk from Wood. (Frag.) 855
Sisal in the Bahamas. (Frag.) 428
Sounding, Deepest, yet made. (Frag.) 285
Sparrows, Ways of. (Frag.) 714
Spencer, Herbert. The Metric System 186
Spencer, J. W. How the Great Lakes were Built* 157
""Niagara as a Timepiece* 1
Spider Bites, Poisonous. (Frag.) 857
"Spirit" Writing and "Speaking with Tongues." W. R. Newbold 508
Steel, Mysterious Fractures in. (Frag.) 422
Stein, Robert. Proposed System of Continuous Polar Exploration. (With Map.) 321
Stone Forest, The, of Florissant.* A. Heilprin 479
Storage Battery, Evolution of the. (Frag.) 715
Storms, Dust and Sand, in the West. J. A. Udden 655
Suggestion in Therapeutics. W. R. Newbold 342
"Posthypnotic and Criminal. W. R. Newbold 230
Sumner, William G. The Proposed Dual Organization of Mankind 433
Sympsychograph, The: a Study in Impressionist Physics.* D. S. Jordan 597