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and Genius;" and "The Responsibility of Life Insurance Companies." It is adorned with a portrait of Caleb Cushing, and also contains a biographical sketch of him.



Archives of Electrology and Neurology. Edited by George M. Beard, M.D. May, 1874. 143 pages. Issued semi-annually. Price, $2.50 a year.

The Germ Theory of Disease. By E. P. Hard, M.D. 1874. 14 pages.

The Pathology of Inebriety. By Joseph Parrish, M.D. Baltimore, 1874. 17 pages.

Agriculture as a Pursuit. Address delivered before the Agricultural Class of the State University of Georgia, by E. M. Pendleton, M.D. 10 pages. Atlanta, 1873.

General Meeting of the American Social Science Association for 1874. 32 pages.

On the Value of High Powers in the Diagnosis of Blood-stains. By Joseph G. Richardson, M.D. 9 pages.

Introduction to General Biology. By Thomas C. McGinley. 12mo, 200 pages. Price, 75 cents. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons.

New Method of treating Malignant Tumors. By George M. Beard, M.D. New York, 1874. 16 pages.

Check-List of Publications of the Smithsonian Institution. July, 1874. 24 pages.

Little Stories for Little People. By James Barron Hope. Price, 10 cents. 1874. 26 pages.

On the Atmosphere as a Vehicle of Sound. By Prof. John Tyndall. 1874. 60 pages.

On the Dissociation of Certain Compounds at Very Low Temperatures. By A. R. Leeds. 3 pages.

Rules of Evidence as applicable to the Credibility of History. By William Forsyth. London, 1874. 22 pages. Price, threepence.

Bulletin of the Minnesota Academy of Natural Sciences. 1874. 150 pages. Price, 50 cents.

The Compound Steam-Engine. By John Turnbull, Jr. New York: D. Van Nostrand & Co. 1874, 44 pages. Price, 50 cents.

Intellectual Culture. By Edward R. Palmer, M.D. Louisville, 1874. 20 pages.

The Protoplasm Theory. By Edward Curtis, M.D. New York, 1873. 23 pages.

Community of Diseases in Horses and other Animals. By W. Lauder Lindsay, M.D. 37 pages.

Review of Darwin on Expression. By Alexander Bain. London, 1873. 16 pages.

The Vermiculites, their Crystallographic and Chemical Relations to the Micas, etc. By Josiah P. Cooke, Jr. 1873. 32 pages.

Resources of Tennessee. By J. B. Killebren. Nashville, 1874. 8vo, 1193 pages.

Evidences of the Antiquity of Man. By James H. Whitmore. Rochester, 1874. 26



Fritz Müller on Bee-Habits.—A letter to Mr. Darwin from Fritz Müller, dated Itaguahi, Brazil, April 20th, confirms many of the observations of Mr, Belt's remarkable work, "The Naturalist in Nicaragua," on the habits of ants. Further, he gives the following account of a contest between the queen-bee of a hive and the workers: A set of forty-seven cells had been filled, eight on a nearly-completed comb, thirty-five on an adjoining one, and four around the first cell of a new comb. When the queen had laid eggs in all the cells of the two older combs, she went several times round this circumference (as she always does, in order to ascertain whether she has not forgotten any cell), and then prepared to retreat into the lower part of the breeding-room. But, as she had overlooked the four cells of the new comb, the workers ran impatiently from this part to the queen, pushing her, in an odd manner, with their heads, as they did also other workers they met with. In consequence, the queen began again to go around on the two older combs; but, as she did not find any cell wanting an egg, she tried to descend, but everywhere she was pushed back by the workers. This contest lasted for a rather long while, till