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while it gives some historical information about early forms of water elevators, it presents the mechanical side of even the simple bucket and sweep and the Dutch scoop. It is, of course, chiefly occupied with a technical presentation of the theory of reciprocating and rotary pumps, but gives a chapter to such additional water-raising machines as the hydraulic ram, ejectors, injectors, spiral pumps, and the pulsometer. The machines described are depicted in nearly two hundred engravings.

Miss Sadie F. Price's Fern Collector's Handbook and Herbarium (Holt, $2.25) is intended as an aid in the study and preservation of the ferns of the northern United States, including the district east of the Mississippi and north of North Carolina and Tennessee. It is a quarto volume, on the right-hand side of each page of which is given a full-size representation of some species of fern (seventy-two species being included), while the opposite page is left blank for the insertion of a pressed and dried specimen of the species. The letterpress consists of directions for preparing and fixing the specimens, the technical description of the order of ferns, and the list of illustrations or of species illustrated.


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