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ble characteristics of our social and political life. He notes down his first contact with our people on the journey from Liverpool to New York, and his impressions of the metropolis on its social side, as revealed in public and private functions. He devotes a chapter to the American business man, one to politics, and one to the newspaper. He pays flying visits to Boston, Concord, Plymouth, Cambridge, and Chicago, the Black Belt, and to various summer resorts. Perhaps the most biting chapter is that on Young America, as indeed the difference in rearing children here and on the other side with its well-known results most forcibly strikes a foreigner. The author dubs our children "young Saxon Bedouins, the most terrible of all enfants terribles." The book may not flatter our vanity, but as a fearless criticism on some of the crudities of western civilization it should open our eyes a little more to our own shortcomings. (Charles Scribner's Sons, 1897, $1.25.)

The value of Mr. Frederick J. Brown's statistical study of The Northern Movement of the Colored Population rests, it seems to us, not so much upon any evidence it affords as to a definite or very great movement northward, as upon its explanation of the tendencies of the movements of the negroes. They seem to act very much as the whites do—to go where they can do best, north, south, or to other parts of their own region of residence. They are governed by the prospect of employment, by social motives, and by the promise of good treatment—drawn, not driven, as the author expresses it in one place. A goodly number come north, and goodly numbers go in the other directions (Baltimore: Gushing & Co. Price, 25 cents).


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