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I N D E X.

Acetylene, A Bunsen Burner for. (Frag.) 855
Age and Suicide. (Corr.) 553
Age of the Earth, The. (Frag.) 856
Alchemy Redivivus. A. E. Outerbridge, Jr. 671
Alcohol, Early Production of. (Corr.) 553
"The History of. C. E. Pellew 231
"The History of. C. E. Pellew 377
American Association, Detroit Meeting. (Table) 842
""Officers of 855
Ancient Symbol, Diffusion of an. (Frag.) 428
Animals on the March. (Frag.) 282
"The Economic Value of. C. F. Holder 827
"Young, at School. (Frag.) 137
Animal Traits. (Frag.) 285
Anthropology a University Study. J. S. Flagg 510
Antipathies of Animals. (Frag.) 140
Antitoxine-Making, Improvement in. (Frag.) 430

Bachelor Seals. (Frag.) 139
Bacteria in Rivers, and Sunlight. (Frag.) 716
Bailey, Pearce, M. D. The Thyroid Gland in Medicine* 481
Ballou, William H. A Tortoise-shell Wild Cat* 507
""World's Geologists at St. Petersburg 212
Baxter, William, Jr. Forecasting the Progress of Invention* 307
Beeler, S. L. The Department Store. (Corr.) 700
Berthelot, M. P. E. Science as an Instrument of Education 253
Binet, M. Alfred. The Paradox of Diderot 539
Birds and their Songs. (Frag.) 716
Blight, Robert. A Lilliputian Monster* 518
Blue Color in Lakes, The. (Frag.) 857
Bolton, H. C. Early American Chemical Societies 819
Books Noticed 128
Books Noticed 270
Books Noticed 417
Books Noticed 559
Books Noticed 706
Books Noticed 846
Alling-Aber, Mary R. An Experiment in Education 849
America and the Americans, from a French Point of View 566
Anderson, R. E. The Story of Extinct Civilizatlons of the East 130
Angot, Alfred. The Aurora Borealis 560
Baldwin, Joseph. School Management and School Methods 421
Barnes, C. R. Analytic Keys to the Genera and Species of North American Mosses 134
Baskett, James Newton. The Story of the Birds 423