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lish a system of central administrative control which does not destroy local autonomy, but which secures efficient administration while not encroaching upon those ideas and principles for which Anglican institutions have so long been prized.

Papers and notes on The Genesis and Matrix of the Diamond (Longmans, Green & Co.), by Prof. H. C. Lewis, is a technical account of the geological formation in which the Kimberley and adjacent diamonds occur. The basis of the work was two lectures, delivered before the British Association in 1886 and 1887. They have been deemed of enough importance to deserve permanency, and, under the editorship of Prof. T. G. Bonney, have been combined with some isolated notes on the occurrence of diamonds elsewhere into the present volume. There are thirty-five illustrations.

In Sex Worship (published by the author, Clifford Howard) we have an attempt to treat this rather difficult topic in a popular way. Up to this time, as the author says, the subject has been confined to a small class of scholars and investigators, whose works are difficult to obtain, both because of their rarity and costliness. The present volume has no value to the scholar because of its superficiality, and is, we think, little suited to general circulation because of its subject.

No. 6 of the Field Columbian Museum Zoölogical Series is a List of Mammals from Somali Land, obtained by the museum's East African expedition. There are about fifty pages of text and twenty-five full-page plates. The material has been arranged by the curator of the museum, D. G. Elliot. The expedition was a much-needed one, and because of the rapid disappearance of the large wild game in Africa and the information and specimens obtained will in a very few years be the only means of studying many of these animals.


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