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St. Louis—living in the East—his interest in the academy continues. The only other member approaching these pioneers in the length of connection with the academy is Dr. Enno Sander. Dr. Sander's membership dates from the first year of its organization, 1856. For the past thirty-five years he has been the faithful treasurer of

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Nathaniel Holmes. Dr. Enno Sander.

the academy, and at a recent meeting his friends presented to the society an oil portrait of him in commemoration of the completion of so long and careful a service.

The publications of the academy have not been wholly confined to the Transactions. On two occasions special works have appeared under its imprint. First of these is an archaeological report by W. D. Potter and Edward Evers. A party from the academy made considerable investigation of mounds in the neighborhood of New Madrid in the southeast corner of the State. The collections were divided for study into three groups. W. D. Potter was to study the pottery, G. J. Engelmann the other relics, chiefly of stone, while Dr. Evers was to report upon the human remains. A quarto volume of thirty pages with twenty-four fine plates, entitled Contributions to the Archæology of Missouri, by the Archæological Section of the St. Louis Academy of Science, was printed. It is devoted to description and illustration of the pottery. So far as we can find, Dr. Engelmann did nothing upon his part of the work. Dr. Evers began his report upon the twenty-seven crania which were