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thinks are needed and proposes. He thinks it a monstrous wrong that so few men should hold so vast a proportion of the property and domain of the country as is in the possession of the corporations and the relatively small group of wealthiest men; that the system of interest is wrong; that the monetization of gold is a mistake and contributes to the growth of parasitism; and that the protective system is unjustly oppressive. His plan of reform includes nationalization of land, railroads, waterways, and telegraphs by purchase, the certificates issued in payment for these franchises to constitute our money; the value of the money to be regulated by a land-tax rate, and its volume to be maintained on a uniform per capita basis and to be of such amplitude as to avoid premiums; the demonetization of money metals and the redemption of all coin money and paper obligations in the new lawful money; the nationalization of banks and the establishment of a bank service charge in lieu of interest; the repeal of all tariff, excise, and internal revenues, to be replaced by the land tax; maintenance of a public improvement fund; the removal of all public service out of the reach of partisan influence or interference; and selective immigration.

From a study of The True Route of Coronado's March (1540) through New Mexico and the intervening districts to the Arkansas River, in the light of the writings of the period, F. S. Dellenbach has come to conclusions entirely at variance with those of all previous investigators. His paper is very interesting for this reason and in itself.


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