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I N D E X.

Adam Smith and Astronomy. (Frag.) 717
Adulteration with Antiseptics. (Frag.) 283
Agnesi, Maria. Sketch. (With Portrait.) M. J. Boyer 403
Alaska, The Climate of. (Frag.) 568
Allen, Grant. The Romance of Race 511
American Association, The, for 1898. (Frag.) 138
American Professor, The. (Frag.) 425
Ancestral Survivals in Domesticated Animals. (Frag.) 141
Angstman, Charlotte S. College Women and the New Science 674
Anthropology. Literature of the African Negroes. M. Muret 241
"The Romance of Race. Grant Allen 511
Archæology a True Science. (Frag.) 282
"Christianized Megalithic Monuments. M. de Mortillet* 668
"Mr. Bandelier's Explorations. (Frag.) 859
"Remains at Carnac, Brittany. (Frag.) 857
"The Houses of Saga Times. (Frag.) 859
Areca and its Properties. (Frag.) 427
Art, Decorative, of the Northwestern Indians. (Frag.) 137
"Tolstoi on. (Table) 553
Association, the American, The Boston Meeting of. (Table) 842
""The First Half Century of. Prof. Daniel S. Martin 822
""Officers of the. (Frag.) 854
Astrology, A Relic of. H. C. Bolton 83
Astronomy, Adam Smith and. (Frag.) 717
"The Aurora. W. F. Felch 467
"Total Eclipse at Viziadrug. (Frag.) 568
Atavism, The Secret of. F. L. Oswald 192
Atkinson, Edward. The Evolution of High Wages from Low Cost of Labor 746
Aurora, The. W. Farrand Felch* 467

Bacteria, Economical Uses of. (Frag.) 427
Badenoch, Margaret T. D. The Case Moths* 656
Ballou, William H. The Serpentlike Sea Saurians* 209
Balnibarbian Glumtrap Rhyme. (Poem.) (Frag.) 567
Barr, Dr. M. W. Training of Mentally Deficient Children 531
Bentley, W. A., and G. H. Perkins. A Study of Snow Crystals* 75
Berthelot, M. P. E. The Genealogy of Chemistry 535