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I N D E X.

Abbott, C. C. The Antiquity of Man in North America* 326
Abuse of Unskilled Labor. (Frag.) 862
Acetylene, The Use of.* E. Renouf 335
A Correction. (Corr.) 702
African Music m America, Survival of. J. K. Murphy 660
"Religious Ideas, Variations in. (Frag.) 281
Agriculture, Fungicides, Relative Power of. (Frag.) 717
Alleghanies, Folklore of the. F. A. Doughty 390
Alloys, Metallic, of Rich Colors. (Frag.) 284
American Association for the Advancement of Science, Proper Objects of. E. Orton 466
""Columbus Meeting of 828
""Meeting of. (Table) 850
""Meeting, The. (Frag.) 568
""Officers of, for 1900. (Frag.) 857
"Indians and Mongolians. (Frag.) 715
Andrews, E. A. Sketch of W. K. Brooks. (Portrait) 400
Animals Reason? Do. E. Thorndike* 480
""(Corr.) 843
An Old-fashioned Moral. (Table) 703
Anthropology: American Indians and Mongolians. (Frag.) 715
"Antiquity of Man in North America. C. C. Abbott 326
"Aztec Pictorial Record, An. (Frag.) 716
"Bows and Arrows, The Teaching of. (Frag.) 715
"Brinton, D. G., Death of. (Frag.) 713
"European Culture, Origin of. W. Z. Ripley 16
"Folklore of the Alleghanies. F. A. Doughty 390
"Gypsies and their Folk-Tales. (Frag.) 424
"Hopi Indians of Arizona. George A. Dorsey 732
"Jews? Are Jews. J. Jacobs 502
"Origin of Ancient Hindu Astronomy. Count G. D'Alviella 396
"Primitive Man. (Table) 410
"Race Questions in the Philippine Islands Blumentritte 472
Antiquity of Man in North America. C. C. Abbott 326
Astronomy, Origin of Ancient Hindu. Count G. D'Alviella 396
Austen, W. Bookworms in Fact and Fancy 240
Aztec Pictorial Record, An. (Frag.) 716