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From the trolley wire, through the trolley pole t, to the fixture on top of the ear which holds the latter. From this fixture, as shown by the heavy full line, the current passes to a, which is a switch located under the car hood overhanging the platform. From this switch the current passes to a similar one, marked b,

PSM V56 D0424 Side view function diagram of an electric railway car.png
Fig. 18.
PSM V56 D0424 Top view function diagram of an electric railway car.png
Fig. 19.
Figs. 18, 19.—Outline Elevation and Plan of Electric Railway Car, showing Location of Motors, Controlling Switches, and Connecting Wires.

located in a like position at the other end of the car. These two switches are called emergency switches; they are provided simply as a safety device, and are used only when the main switches get out of order and the motorman can not turn the current off in the regular way. From the last hood switch b the current passes to