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in body than scores whom I have seen in certain localities south of the Seine. The fact is, no human body exists which is not in some

PSM V56 D0557 Typical criminals from group 2 1.png
Group 2, No. 1 (forger). Group 2, No. 2.

respects abnormal. The number of abnormalities and their extent depend upon a variety of circumstances, among which are food, climate, occupation, and the incidents of birth itself, PSM V56 D0557 Typical criminal from group 2 2.pngGroup 2, No. 3. as well as the various forms of infantile disease. I will undertake to find enough physical peculiarities, in any locality, or among the members of any profession, to establish any physical theory which may be propounded.

It occurred to me to try an experiment in a manner entirely different from the usual criminal researches. Having been very familiar with a certain prison for many years, I requested the warden, who is a very able man in his profession, to send me the photographs of ten or a dozen men whom he regarded as the most representative criminals in his population of some-five hundred persons. The warden was not informed of the use I intended to make