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No. 3 is a counterfeiter. His head is small, but of excellent shape, and he has rather a refined physical organization. His criminal

PSM V56 D0559 Typical criminals from group 3 1.png
Group 3, No. 1. Group 3, No. 2.

record is bad, and he has served at least one term before for the same offense. His imagination, temperament, and vices would select him as a person who would be guilty PSM V56 D0559 Typical criminal from group 3 2.pngGroup 3, No. 3. of a very different and more fleshly kind of crime. The group is formed by the correlation of crime; they have nothing in common in physical organization.

The third group are thieves. No. 1 is a confirmed criminal, and has served several terms in prison. He is the tallest man in the list. His head is "long" and well formed, and his features are regular. His expression indicates power of sustained thought, and his peculiar appearance is not due to his kind of crime, but to his habit of mind. He is a pessimist of the first rank, and hates the world, his fellow-men, and perhaps himself most of all. He will not work when at liberty, thinks that society