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red, with hems of white at the bottom. No wonder this man complains of 'poor' gas, while some learned friend, dropping in for an evening cigar, explains that there is 'air in the pipes.' The one consolatory reflection is that, at all events, the poor fellow had a good light to undress by (B to C).

Exhibits 3 and 4 come from my own residence. Together they form a 'before-taking' and 'after-taking' advertisement—not of medicine, but of a gas governor. The fact that 1 am located at a considerable

PSM V57 D194 Pressure recorder indicating low normal gas flow.png
Exhibit 4.

distance—several miles—from the works, and am supplied through a main laid a number of years ago, when-the territory was sparsely settled, enables me to present Exhibit 3. Comment on this record is unnecessary. After securing this diagram I installed a governor and set it at eleven tenths. Exhibit 4 shows what happened. I am now doing for myself, and at my own expense, that which the gas company fails to do for me. This governor, therefore, renders me almost entirely independent of the gas company; and, in order to demonstrate more clearly to what degree this independence extends, the gauge has been