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equatorial streamers. Father Woodman's comparison of the appearance of a structure of mother of pearl was generally recognized as good, but different observers differed on the color estimate. A yellowish green tinge was noted by the artist of the party, Mr. Child, while to others the light was straw colored or golden.

The general coronal form to the naked eye was nearly that of the small annexed photograph, which, though taken by one of the smaller objectives, gives a good view of the relative intensities. The same extensions

PSM V57 D316 General view of the corona.png
Fig. 1. General View of the Corona. Taken with 6 inch Lens of 712 feet Focus. 82 Seconds Exposure.

of the equatorial corona could be followed by the naked eye from 3 to 31/2 solar diameters.

The visual telescopic observations of the writer gave little indication of the finely divided structure of the inner corona which he had noticed at Pike's Peak. Structure, to be sure, was evident, but not in such minute subdivision as had then been seen, and though one remarkable prominence as well as several smaller ones was visible, the coronal streamers did not give to the writer the impression of being