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time it has maintained its leading position, although in quality of product, other nations, if not on a par with it, are certainly not very far behind.

The perfection to which the steam automobile has been developed

PSM V57 D423 Serpollet steam carriage of modern french design.png
Fig. 11. Serpollet Carriage, a Modern Steam Automobile of French Design.

in these latter days is due mainly to the efforts of L. Serpollet, a distinguished French engineer. Other highly successful steam carriages are now manufactured in England and in this country, as well as in

PSM V57 D423 Side view of the serpollet showing placement of parts.png
Fig. 12. Side View of Serpollet Carriage Showing the Location of Engine, Boiler, Condenser, Etc.

several European nations, but Serpollet was the first to bring forth a successful fast-running and attractive vehicle, and the others have profited by his work.

One of the many designs of Serpollet carriages is shown in Fig. 11;