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PSM V57 D609 Panhard and levassor vehicle.png
Fig. 6. Panhard & Levassor Vehicle.

Fig. 6 shows a gasoline vehicle made by Panhard & Levassor, who are perhaps the best known French manufacturers of automobiles, as their vehicles have been the winners in all the notable races held within the past few years. The motor they use is shown in Fig 7, and, as can

PSM V57 D609 Motor of vehicle.png
Fig. 7. Motor of Vehicle.

be readily seen, is of the two-cylinder type, cooled by a water jacket, just as in Fig. 1. The explosion is produced by means of a hot tube, as explained in connection with the last-named figure. This motor is placed under the body of the vehicle, and is connected with the rear axle by means of a train of gearing which terminates in sprocket wheels and chains that connect with driving wheels, each one being operated