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tails of their designs. In the phaeton shown in Fig. 13, a single-cylinder motor is used, and it is so arranged that it can run at different velocities, so that no variable speed mechanism is required, except a single train of gears, which is thrown into action when running uphill. The motor

PSM V57 D613 Winton phaeton.png
Fig. 13. Winton Phaeton.

itself can be run at any velocity from 200 to 800 revolutions per minute, thus giving a speed variation of four to one. A carriage of this make competed in the last international automobile race from Paris to Lyons, France, and although it failed to come in first, it made a remarkable

PSM V57 D613 Oakman vehicle.png
Fig. 14. Oakman Vehicle.

showing, which might have been considerably improved if it had not been for an accident which compelled it to retire from the contest.

The vehicle shown in Fig. 14 is of small size and light construction, although amply strong for the purpose for which it is intended. The