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I N D E X.

Abruzzi, Duke of, Ascent of Mt. St. Elias 661
Aerial Navigation, Recent Progress in, Charles H. Cochrane 616
Agricultural, Experiment Stations 102
"Soils 667
Agriculture 101
Agriculture 328
"Department of 332
"Appropriations for the 556
Aitken's Road Making and Maintenance 438
Alcohol, Utilization of, in the Human Body 554
American, Astronomical Instruments 331
""Hall of Fame 108
Anthropological Department of the British Association, Address before the, T. H. Huxley 267
Appropriations for the Department of Agriculture 556
Aquarium, The New York, Charles L. Bristol 405
Artificial Propagation of Fish 335
Asphaltum for a Modern Street, S. F. Peckham 225
Atkinson, Edward, Distribution of Taxes 54
Atkinson's Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms 440
Atomic Weights, Standard for 110
Atwater's Experiments on the Nutritive Value of Alcohol 554
Autonous, Story of, William Henry Hudson 276
Averbury, Lord, Huxley's Life and Work 337

Bacteria, and Fermentation 445
"and Dairy Products 559
Bacterial Life, Effect of Physical Agents on, Allan Macfadyen 238
Bailey's, Cyclopedia of American Horticulture 327
""Botany 661
Bailey, Solon I., The Planet Eros 641
Battleship Building, Rapid, Waldon Fawcett 28
Bibliographies of Engineering 439
Botany 327
Botany 661
Bradley, W. P., Submarine Navigation 156
Bristol, Charles L., The New York Aquarium 405
British Association for the Advancement of Science, Address of the President, Sir William Turner 34
Burckhalter on the Photography of Solar Eclipses 214
Camprell, W. W., James Edward Keeler 85
Carpenter on South America 662
Carus's History of the Devil 440
Celli on Malaria 660
Century of the Study of Meteorites, Oliver C. Farrington 429
Chapters on the Stars, Simon Newcomb 3
Chapters on the Stars, Simon Newcomb 130
Chapters on the Stars, Simon Newcomb 307
Chapters on the Stars, Simon Newcomb 413
Chapters on the Stars, Simon Newcomb 449
Cheese-making, Microbes in, H. W. Conn 148
Chicago, University of, What it Stanus for, Eugene Parsons 652
China, William Barclay Parsons 69
"Scientific Knowledge regarding 107
" Crisis in 662
China's Open Door, Wildman's 662
Chinese Commerce, William Barclay Parsons 193
Christian Science, J. Edward Smith 434
""Joseph Jastrow 550
Christmas Island 98
Cities, Growth of 221
Cochrane, Charles H., Recent Progress in Aerial Navigation 616
Comparative Physiology, Loeb's 328
Conn, H. W., Microbes in Cheese-making 148
Crawley, Edwin S., Geometry: Ancient and Modern 257
Cuban Teachers, Height and Weight of, Dudley Allen Sargent 480
Cyclopedia of American Horticulture, Bailey's 327

Dairy Products, Bacteria and 559
Davidson's History of Education 218
Dephlogisticated Air, Joseph Priestley 115
Development of Unfertilized Eggs 443
Devil, History of the, Carus's 440
Dexter, Edwin G., Suicide and the Weather 604
Distances, Science of, George S. Robertson 526
Distribution of Taxes, Edward Atkinson 54

Eastman's Manual of Paleontology 98
Eclipses, Photography of Solar 214