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Principles of Metal-Mining. By J. H. Collins, F. G. S. 150 pp. Price 75 cents. New York: Putnams.

The object of this little work is to convey some elementary knowledge of the principles and facts of mining in a form suitable for the instruction of young miners. It teaches them what to observe, and how to interpret their observations.

The Treatment of Nervous Diseases by Electricity. By Dr. Friedrich Fieber. Translated by George M. Schweig, M. D. 64 pp. Price 75 cents. New York: Putnams.

This little treatise is addressed to the medical profession. It aims to set forth the many advantages of electro-therapy, with a view to popularizing it among medical men.

The Cultivation of Art, and its Relations to Religious Puritanism and Money-Getting. By A. R. Cooper. 48 pp. Price 25 cents. New York: Charles P. Somerby.

A thoughtful, earnest, temperate plea for æsthetic culture.

Antiquity of Christianity. By John Alberger. 61 pp. Price 35 cents. New York: Charles P. Somerby.

This is an attempt to trace the distinctive dogmas of the Christian religion to heathen originals.


Astronomical and Meteorological Observations made during the Year 1872 at the United States Naval Observatory. Pp. 550. Washington: Government Printing-Office.

Annual Report of Lieutenant Wheeler's Geographical Explorations for 1874. Pp. 130. Washington: Government Printing-Office.

On the Muridæ. By Dr. Elliott Coues, United States Army. Pp. 28. Philadelphia, 1874.

Invertebrate Fossils collected by Wheeler's Expeditions of 1871, 1872, and 1873. By C. A. White, M. D. Pp. 27. Washington: Government Printing-Office.

Theory of Education in the United States of America, pp. 22; and National Bureau of Education, pp. 16. Washington: Government Printing-Office.

Migrants and Sailors in their Relation to the Public Health. By Drs. John M. Woodworth and Heber Smith. Pp. 21. Cambridge: Riverside Press.

Report of the Commissioners of Lunacy to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1875). Pp. 79.

A Guide to the Practical Examination of Urine. By James Tyson, M. D. Pp. 182. Price, $1.50. Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston.

Report of the Trustees of the Building-Fund of the Philadelphia Academy of Sciences. Pp. 24.

Prison Association of New York. Thirteenth Annual Report. Pp. 23.

Report upon the Sanitary Qualities of the Sudbury, Mystic, and other River Waters. Pp. 108. Boston, 1874.

Ohio State Medical Society. President's Address (1874). Pp. 16.

Alimentation. By S. A. C. Hamlin, M. D. Pp. 23.

Hand-book of the Kansas Agricultural College. Pp. 124. Manhattan, Kansas, 1874.

Notes on the Natural History of Portions of Montana and Dakota. By J. A. Allen. Pp. 61. Boston, 1874.

Annual Report of the Treasurer of the United States for the Fiscal Year ended June 30, 1874.

The Transmission of Sound by the Atmosphere. By Tyndall. Gigantic Cuttle-Fish. By Saville Kent. Pp. 32. Price, 25 cents. Boston: Estes & Lauriat.

Municipal Law, and its Relation to the Constitution of Man. By R. S. Guernsey. Pp. 11.

Man and Nature. By Dr. Samuel W. Francis. Parts III. and IV. Pp. 28 and 15. Newport, R. I.: C. E. Hammett.

Modern Thought and Ancient Dogmas. Nos. 1 and 2. Pp. 21 and 28. San Francisco, 1875.