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high. While the subject of this article can be expected to admit of only a limited discussion of photomicrographic apparatus and its manipulation, it has seemed best to thus briefly mention a few points on the modus operandi of the work that one may the better comprehend its value.

To convey an idea of the scope of photomicrography in its application to the study and subsequent presentation of the details of objects

Fig. 8. Fig. 9.
PSM V61 D156 Four examples of microphotography of various objects.png
Fig. 10. Fig. 11.
Fig. 8. Cross Section of Juniper Stem showing Three Resin Ducts. 50 Diameters.
Fig. 9. Longitudinal Section of Linden. 90 Diameters.
Fig. 10. Cross Section of Sugar Cane. 50 Diameters. Polarized Light.
Fig. 11. Wing of Seed of Ecoremo-carpus. 80 Diameters. Polarized Light.

in nature we may well begin with the inanimate substance and finish with the living animal organism. Time was when men referred to the 'everlasting hills' as though such portions of nature were unchangeable, but modern geologic science has shown that the face of nature is ever