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named, so that those waters would not find their way into the canal. There are a few other small works of similar character in different portions of the line, all of which were recognized and provided for by the commission.

The principal items of the total amount of work to be performed in completing the Panama canal, under the plan of the commission, can be classified as shown in the following table:

Dredging 27,659,540 cu. yds.
Dry earth 14,386,954 cu. yds.
Soft rock 39,893,235 cu. yds.
Hard rock 8,806,340 cu. yds.
Rock under water 4,891,667 cu. yds.
Embankment and back filling 1,802,753 cu. yds.
Total 97,440,489 cu. yds.
Concrete 3,762,175 cu. yds.
Granite 13,820 cu. yds.
Iron and steel 65,248,900 lbs.
Excavation in coffer dam 7,260 cu. yds.
Pneumatic work 108,410 cu. yds.

The lengths of the various sections of this route and the costs of completing the work upon them are fully set forth in the following table, taken from the commission's report, as were the two preceding:

Total Estimated Cost. Miles. Cost.
Colon entrance and harbor 2.39 $ 8,057,707
Harbor to Bohio locks, including levees 14.42 11,099,839
Bohio locks, including excavation .35 11,567,275
Lake Bohio 13.61 2,952,154
Obispo gates 295,434
Culebra section 7.91 44,414,460
Pedro Miguel locks, including excavation and dam .35 9,081,321
Pedro Miguel level 1.33 1,192,286
Miraflores locks, including excavation and spillway .20 5,781,401
Pacific level 8.53 12,427,971
Bohio dam 6,369,640
Gigante spillway 1,209,419
Pena Blanca outlet 2,448,076
Chagres diversion 1,929,982
Gatun diversion 100,000
Panama Railroad diversion 1,267,500
Total 49.09 120,194,465
Engineering, police, sanitation and general contingencies, 20 per cent 24,038,893
Aggregate $144,233,358