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are the physicists, Principal Rüeker, of the University of London, and Principal Lodge, of the University of Liverpool; the chemist, Professor Ramsay; the engineer, Dr. Thornycroft, and a number of prominent physicians.

The Albert medal of the London Society of Arts has for the present year been awarded to Professor Alexander Graham Bell, for his invention of the telephone.—The eminent astronomer, Professor Giovanni Schiaparelli, has been elected an associate of the French Academy of Sciences, and M. Amagat a member of the section of physics.—The Academy of Sciences of Vienna has elected Lord Rayleigh a corresponding member.

President Eliot, of Harvard University, was elected president of the national Educational Association at the recent Minneapolis meeting.—Dr. William H. Forwood has succeeded Dr. George M. Sternberg as surgeon-general of the army.—Professor Edward S. Holden has accepted the appointment of librarian of the Military Academy at West Point.

Mr. F. H. Newell, chief hydrographer of the U. S. Geological Survey, has gone to the West to supervise surveys in connection with the work in irrigation authorized by Congress. Surveying parties are in the field in California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona and Colorado.—The American Museum of Natural History, New York city, has sent an expedition to eastern Colorado to examine the unexplored portions of the Protohippus Beds in the hope of securing a complete skeleton of this animal. At the same time search will be made in western Nebraska for the same fossil species of horse, in the locality where Professor Leidy first discovered it. The expenses of these expeditions are defrayed by the gift of Mr. William C. Whitney.—The Windward is being fitted for its fifth and last trip and will soon sail via Etah for Cape Sabine on Smith Sound, where it is expected that Lieutenant Peary will be found.

In honor of the late Alpheus Hyatt a memorial fund is being collected for field lessons in natural history. Professor Hyatt was greatly interested in extending the teaching of natural history to the schools, and this memorial appears to be especially appropriate. While the fund will be administered by a board of trustees at Boston, contributions from Professor Hyatt's former pupils or friends, wherever living, will be welcome. The treasurer, to whom subscriptions may be sent, is Mr. Stephen H. Williams, 2 Tremont Street, Boston.—Dr. Joseph Leidy, Jr., 1319 Locust Street, Philadelphia, is collecting the correspondence of the late Professor Joseph Leidy for publication. He would be glad to possess copies or the originals of any letters of interest that may be in the possession of readers of the Popular Science Monthly.