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fractions. But if trial shall be made with colours not thoroughly separated, there must be allowed changes proportionable to the mixture. Thus, if compound yellow light fall upon blue bise, the bise will not appear perfectly yellow but rather green, because there are in the yellow mixture many rays indued with green, and green being less remote from the usual blue colour of bise than yellow, is the more copiously reflected by it.

In like manner, if any one of the prismatic colours, suppose red, be intercepted, on design to try the asserted impossibility of reproducing that colour out of the others which are pretermitted; it is necessary, either that the colours be very well parted before the red be intercepted, or that together with the red the neighbouring colours, into which any red is secretly dispersed, (that is, the yellow, and perhaps green too) be intercepted, or else, that allowance be made for the emerging of so much red out of the yellow green, as may possibly have been diffused, and scatteringly blended in those colours. And if these things be observed, the new production of red, or any intercepted colour will be found impossible.

This I conceive is enough for an introduction to experiments of this kind; which if any of the Royal Society shall be so curious as to prosecute, I should be very glad to be informed with what success; that, if anything seem to be defective, or to thwart this relation, I may have an opportunity of giving further direction about it, or of acknowledging my errors, if I have committed any.