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rails, girders and heavy products, but that England will be ahead in steel products requiring special and delicate manipulation.

Probably the greatest hindrance to advance in Britain is trades unionism; but the fallacy of their doctrine may soon be realized by the workmen, and any just cause for complaint against the capitalist may be adjusted in an amicable and reasonable manner. An association called the National Industrial Association has been formed or is in the process of forming with this as one of its aims. The object is c to create and cement a feeling of common interest between employer and employee.' The Association appeals to every engineering firm in the United Kingdom because by bringing employers and employees to see their mutual interest there will be an increase in the output of their works without additional cost. With better and cheaper work the manufacturer will be more able to combat foreign competition. Strikes and lockouts will be far less frequent, and so great loss and misery will be prevented. In this Association employers and employees meet upon the same plane, and they hope to provide machinery for conciliation which shall be available in case of any threatened dispute between employers and their men. The Association has in view the carrying on of inquiries regarding matters affecting British trade and commerce, with the object of holding their own in the markets of the world.

It will be to the interest not only of Britain, but of America as well, if British manufactures increase and if Britain grows commercially. America sells most to the richest nation—Britain is her best customer. There is no doubt that the United States will continue to develop her resources and will be able to sell to nations that can afford to buy. The standard of living is higher now than it was even a few years ago. What were luxuries to our fathers are necessities to us. There is room for all the growth possible in both Britain and America, and it is to be hoped that civilization may be advanced and the world benefited by the competition of the United States with the United Kingdom.