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other academy save that of Berlin on the continent and are producing results in which the members of the academy may justly take great pride.

In closing this brief account of what a single academy of science on the continent of Europe has done, it may not be out of place to add that, as the work of the academy has expanded, other societies, chiefly scientific or archeological, have grown out of it, thus proving it to be, as was predicted long before its formation that it would be, the mother of scientific and historical learning in Austria. The academy in Buda Pesth has larger resources of its own than the Vienna Academy and has pushed its work with untiring zeal. Barriers of language render the results of its work less accessible than those of the German academies. Two academies in Prague, one for the Germans of the city and of Bohemia, and one for the Czechs, both under the protection of the government and in receipt of grants from it year by year, have done excellent work, but on a smaller scale than at Vienna. Of lesser academies in various cities in the empire, or of learned societies it is unnecessary to speak, inasmuch as the Vienna Academy is the model which, so far as possible, all of them try to follow.