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I N D E X.

Academy, Vienna, of Science, Edward F. Williams 415
Adams, John Quincy, Science versus Art-appreciation 453
Agriculture, and Other Industries of the South, The Relation of Malaria to, Glenn W. Heerick 521
"The U. S. Department of 565
Alaska, The Size of, George B. Hollister 183
America, Zoology in, T. D. A. Cockerell 163
American Association for the Advancement of Science 380
"President of, and the Vice-Presidents for the Sections 384
Anemias, American, A Newly Recognized Factor in 381
Angell, James Rowland, Some Reflections upon the Reaction from Coeducation 5
Animals, Blind, The Behavior of, Wesley Mills 344
Anthracite Coal, Distribution of 94
Arachnids at Hanover, Cape Colony, S. C. Cronwright Schreiner 145
Art-appreciation, Science versus, John Quincy Adams 453
"The Great Auk in, Frank Bond 505
Association, American, for the Advancement of Science 380
"President of, and Vice-Presidents for the Sections 384
"British, at Belfast 93
Astronomy. The Science of, Asaph Hall 291
Auk, The Great, in Art, Frank Bond 505
Bacon, Francis, Solomon's House 129

Bacteria, Nitrogen-fixing, J. G. Lipman 137
Baker, Benjamin, The Nile Dams and Reservoir 550
Behavior of Blind Animals, Wesley Mills 344
Belfast Meeting of the British Association 93
Benedict, A. L., Postgraduate Degrees in Absentia 257
Bill, British Education 283
Biographical Index of the Men of Science of the United States, J. McKeen Cattell 185
Biographies of Eminent Chemists 378
Biography in the Schools, David R. Major and T. H. Haines 538
Biologists, the Making of, T. D. A. Cockerell 512
Birds, Young, at Birth, Significance of the Condition of, W. P. Pycraft 108
Birth Rate, The 567
Blind Animals, The Behavior of, Wesley Mills 344
Bond, Frank, The Great Auk in Art 505
Borax as a Food Preservative 95
Botanical Garden, Missouri, William Trelease 193
British, Association at Belfast 93
"Education Bill 283

Carnegie Institution, The 91
Carnegie Institution, The 282
Carnegie Institution, The 383
"and the Smithsonian Institution 474
"President Gilman's Summary of the Plans and Methods of 476
"and the National University, James Howard Gore 532
Cattell, J. McKeen, A Biographical Index of the Men of Science of the United States 185
"A Statistical Study of Eminent Men 359
Caves, Quarry, of Jerusalem, A visit to, Charles A. White 544
Censorship of the Press in Russia 570
Chemical Physiology, The Present Position of, W. D. Halliburton 27
Chemistry 562
Chemists, Eminent, Biographies of 378
Coal, Anthracite, Distribution of 94
Cockerell, T. D. A., Zoology in America 163
""The Making of Biologists 512
Coeducation, Some Reflections upon the Reaction from, James Rowland Angell 5
College, The, and the University 92
"High-grade Men in, and out, Edwin G. Dexter 429
Color Photography, A New Process of 571
Convocation of Scientific Societies 281

Dams, The Nile, and Reservoir, Benjamin Baker 550
Darwin, Charles, Hitherto Unpublished Letters of 387
Data, Vanishing, The Saving of, Alfred C. Haddon 222