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Goldsmith: 'Present State of Polite Learning in Europe.'

PSM V65 D146 Word analysis of goldberg work.png


Here the results, graphically exhibited in Figs. 12, 13 and 14 are somewhat less satisfactory than in the case of Schiller or Goethe, yet


PSM V65 D146 Word curves of schiller compositions.png

Fig. 11. Two 5,000 Word-curves from Schiller. (Table II.) (A) Prose Drama 'Kabale und Liebe,' (B) History 'Thirty Years' War.'

even here any one-thousand word-curve of the one work is easily distinguished from all the curves of the other work. The most marked contrast is shown in the relative frequencies of two-, four-, eight-, nine- and ten-letter words.

PSM V65 D146 Word curves of goldsmith works.png
Fig. 12. Five 1,000 Word-curves from Goldsmith's.'She Stoops to Conquer.' (See Table III.) Fig. 13. Five 1,000 Word-curves from Goldsmith's 'Present State of Polite Learning in Europe.' (See Table III.)

On the other hand, Dryden's one-thousand word-curves (Fig. 15 and Fig. 16) appear fully as differentiated as any yet examined. Five thousand words each from 'Sir Martin Mar-all' and the 'Essay on Satire' give: