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Sagami. At this point of the trip I recall that some confusion was created, as we rounded a swell-swept rock, by our sailor falling overboard, his oar becoming suddenly unshipped, an incident remembered mainly on account of the poor fellow's embarrassment. We pulled him into the boat and reinstated him; and he shook off his dripping kimono and stood naked in the drenching rain; bronze body, white loin cloth, white band knotted around his forehead, pressing down a fringe of bristling black hair, his muscles showing splendidly as he swayed at his oar, hissing viciously as he pushed and pulled. In a few minutes more we rounded a little pine-covered point, and the two white buildings of the laboratory came into view.

PSM V65 D201 Beach of arai castle seen from misaki station.png

Beach of the Castle of Arai, Seen from the Station.

The taller of these, two-storied, is the one which was removed from the town of Misaki in 1897, the other was built a couple of years later. Together they stand close to the water, but are sheltered from typhoons by an abrupt hill which forms the end of the point. The surroundings are beautiful. A number of inlets cut deeply and irregularly into pine-covered hills, and in nearly every direction one obtains vistas of