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the hill. The investigators include Professor Mitsukuri, one of the founders of the station and its director, and usually the greater number of the staff of the zoological department of the Science College. Professor Ijima frequently comes down to visit his reefs of glassy sponges, Professor Watasé, Professor Goto, Dr. Izuka, Dr. Miyajima, Mr. Namiyé, some of the younger assistants, and three or four of the graduate students of the institute at Tokyo make up the remaining corps of investigators. During the writer's visit, a Russian ichthyologist,

PSM V65 D205 Fishermen of misaki.png

A Crew of Fishermen.

Professor P. Schmidt, became a guest of the station, and an American zoologist, Mr. J. F. Abbott.

The work-quarters, it may be mentioned, are simple, but all necessary appliances and books are promptly forwarded from the institute at Tokyo. It is the collecting facilities which the visitor does not forget, for not only is the locality a rich one, but the ways and means are at hand to secure material even from great depths. And in this lies the value of neighboring Misaki, for during many months of the year the fisher people set out at sunrise in their large boats, proceed