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PSM V65 D207 Living hag fish.png

A Living Hag-fish, Showing a Mass of Freshly Secreted Slime.

marine collecting. There is a rich shallow water fauna which yields, among other delectable things, Amphioxus, sea-pens, a giant Balanoglossus, Onchidium and a Phoronis four inches in length. In the immediate neighborhood of the station can be obtained at low tide Antedon, very abundant, Lingula, the spawning of which Mr. Yatsu has observed in the laboratory, and Cœloplana, the latter discovered by Mr. Abbott. Pelagic forms can also be collected favorably. Pyrosoma, Appendicularia and Salpa are abundant. Various ctenophores, including Cestus, are not uncommon, and near the station, sometimes sweeping close to the shore, is the Black Current, bringing many southern forms. I may mention that the dead shells of Nautilus have been

PSM V65 D207 Freshly caught port jackson shark.png

A Freshly Caught Port Jackson Shark.