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was appointed for the study of numismatics. It turned its attention first to the work of collecting the ancient coins of northern Greece. Mommsen so greatly appreciated this effort that he turned over to the academy the 28,000 Marks ($7,000) given him on the fiftieth anniversary of his professorship. Vol. I. appeared in 1898. In 1897 two volumes of a work on 'The Posography of the Time of the Roman Emperors' appeared. Mommsen suggested it and was chairman of a commission having it in charge.

The Fronto Commission, seeking to solve a problem proposed by Niebuhr, undertook the publication of the Theodosian Codex and with

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F. E. D. Schleiermacher.

the proceeds of the Savigny fund the publication of what is called a 'Vocabularium juris prudentiæ Romanæ' has been begun. Between 1878 and 1888 a complete collection of Attic inscriptions was published, and in 1899, under the direction of Mr. Frakel, the printing of a treatise on the inscriptions found in the Peloponessus was started, and preparations were made for the printing of those of the islands, those of Lesbos, Nesos and Tenedos being ready at that time. On this work of gathering inscriptions, editing them and giving them to the world, the academy has been engaged more than eighty years. In 1891