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and Duncker proposed (1) that the state and fugitive writings of the king during the first decade of his reign should be collected and printed and (2) that there should be a supplement to the regular edition of his works. It was decided that first of all the political correspondence should appear. Brought down to 1765, this has filled twenty-five volumes, and it is not yet completed. The state writings from the beginning of the reign to the beginning of the Seven Years' War fill three volumes. Out of this undertaking has grown another, that of publishing the 'Acta Borussica,' through which the full history of the Prussian government during the eighteenth century will be given. As early

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Theodor Mommsen

as 1899 volumes 1. and II. had appeared. When complete the work can not fail to be of immense value to every one interested in the development of Prussia, Researches relating to the history of Brandenburg and Prussia accompany the 'Acta.' These researches are carried on under the direction of the cultus minister and the academy. They have already-resulted in the formation of a new school of Prussian historians. The income of the Fran Heckmann gift has rendered it possible to publish a scientific dictionary of the terms used in old