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PSM V65 D319 Asiatic ladybird early stages.png

Asiatic Ladybird (Chilocorus similis), oviposition and early larval stages; a, beetle in act of thrusting egg beneath scale; b, scale slightly raised, showing edge of egg beneath; c, scale lifted from bark, showing manner of attachment of egg to the inner surface; d, view of egg in the scale; e, egg magnified to show sculpturing; f, three eggs placed under flap of bark; g, same, natural size; h, i, dorsal and lateral views of newly hatched larva; j, larva, first stage, feeding on mature and young scales—all enlarged except g.

PSM V65 D319 Asiatic ladybird later stages.png

Asiatic Ladybird (Chilocorus similis), later larval stages, pupa, and adult insect; a, second larval stage; b, cast skin of same; c, full-grown larva; d, method of pupation, the pupa being retained in split larval skin; e, newly emerged adult not yet colored; f, fully colored and perfect adult—all enlarged to the same scale.