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genious philosopher who propounds an entirely faulty system may be an important factor in.the advance of truth through the sharpening

of the mental faculties of his critics by analyzing his system, pointing out its defects, and either correcting his results, or putting them into proper shape. Since the time of the schoolmen it has beer recognized that the analysis of fallacies is one of the best methods of discipline in the art of correct reasoning.

The arrangements made by the authorities of the fair for enabling the scientific men of our country to avail themselves of the advantages of this remarkable assemblage and to listen to its discussions have been of the most liberal kind. No admission fee is required other than that to the fair itself, and the meetings are open to all known to be interested, so far as room can be found. The attendance of members of national scientific societies and professors in colleges and universities and scientific men generally is especially desired. Whether room can be found for all who wish to attend can not be known until the wishes of more are heard from. Subject to this condition, every professional scholar and scientific teacher or investigator is welcome to avail himself of an opportunity which may not recur in a lifetime.