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I N D E X.

Abbott, Francis M., Three Decades of College Women 350
Academy, Prussian, of Science and the Fine Arts, Edward F. Williams 74
Agricultural Work in the Philippines 86
Agriculture 86
Agriculture 189
Agriculture 478
Alumna, Alumna's Children 45
"Another Alumna 279
Antarctic Exploration 87
Arrhenius, Svante, The Development of the Theory of Electrolytic Dissociation 385
Arrhenius, Professor, Scientific Work of 89
Art in Industry. Frank T. Carlton 414
Arts and Science, International Congress of, Simon Newcomb 466
Astronomy, Development of a New Method of Research, George E. Hale 5
"Total Solar Eclipse of August 30, 1905, W. W. Campbell 97

Balfour, Arthur James, Reflections suggested by the New Theory of Matter 495
Balfour, Henry, Ethnological Work of Lane Fox 537
Bateson, William. Heredity and Evolution 522
Beach, Frederick E., The Study of Physics 52
Beauty, Preservation of, J. Madison Taylor 397
Berzelium, Carolinium, Thorium 188
Birth Rate, Alumna's Children, An Alumna 45
"Another Alumna 279
"Three Decades of College Women, Frances M. Abbott 350
Botany, English Herbals, Agnes Robertson 65
"Geo-Botany of Asia, P. Kropotkin 68
"Some Plants which entrap Insects, Forrest Shreve 417
Bowen, Edwin W., A Question of Preference in English Spelling 38
British Association for the Advancement of Science, A Traveler's View of, Henry S. Pritchett 483
"The Cambridge Meeting of 560
"President's Address 562
"The Work of the Sections 565

Calorimeter, Respiration, Developments in the 185
Cambridge, University, The New Buildings of 182
"Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science 560
"Traveler's View of, Henry S. Pritchett 483
"President's Address 562
"The Work of the Sections 565
Campbell, W. W., Total Solar Eclipse of August 30, 1905 97
Carlton, Frank T., Art in Industry 414
Carolinium, Thorium and Berzelium 188
Chattanooga Campaigns of the Civil War, The Physiographic Control of, Frederick V. Emerson 148
Children, Alumna's, An Alumna 45
"Another Alumna 279
Civil War, Physiographic Control of the Chattanooga Campaigns of the, Frederick V. Emerson 148
College, of the West, David Starr Jordan 27
"Women, Three Decades of, Frances M. Abbott 350
Composition, The Significance of Characteristic Curves of, Robert E. Moritz 132
"T. C. Mendenhall 373
Conservation of Human Energy, Preservation of Beauty, J. Madison Taylor 397
Consumption, The Great White Plague, John B. Huber 298
Copernicus, Edward S. Holden 109
Correlation of Reflexes and the Principles of the Common Path, C. S. Sherrington 549
Cotton, Insect Enemies of 189
Curves of Composition, Characteristic, on the Significance of, Robert E. Moritz 132
"T. C. Mendenhall 373

Darwin, Francis, The Perception of the Force of Gravity by Plants 532
Dean, Bashford, Japanese Zoological Station at Misaki 195
De Vries's Theory of Mutations, A. A. W. Hubrecht 205
Dextrality and Sinistrality, George M. Gould 360
Discovery and Invention, Charles A. Parsons 553
Discussion and Shorter Articles 279
Discussion and Shorter Articles 373
Dissociation, Electrolytic, The Development of the Theory of, Svante Arrhenius 385