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dowed in his life time by public subscription, and now containing his tomb. But there was recently unveiled at Paris a monument, of which an illustration is here reproduced from La Nature. The figure in marble is the last work of the eminent sculptor Falguière, who died before it was completed. Around the base are allegorical figures, humanity offering a child to be cured of the most dreaded disease, a shepherd relieved from all anxiety for his flock, and the like. The monument, for the erection of which about $70,000 was contributed by international subscription, was unveiled in the presence of the president of the republic and his cabinet, and commemorative addresses were made by those most competent to tell of the work of one of the greatest of men of science and of benefactors of his race.

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Monument of Pasteur.



In 1895 the Prussian Academy of Sciences called Professor J. H. van't Hoff from the chair of chemistry at Amsterdam to Berlin. He was to receive a salary and a laboratory and was to have no duties other than those which he might choose to assume. In