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C. Hart Merriam,
Chief of the U. S. Biological Survey, Vice-President for Zoölogy.

Dr. L. O. Howard, of Washington, D. C., was reelected for a term of five years, as permanent secretary; Profeessor C. A. Waldo, of Lafayette, Ind., as general secretary and Professor John F. Hayford, of Washington, D. C., as secretary of the council.



The address of the retiring president, Dr. Carroll D. Wright, formerly U. S. Commissioner of Labor, now president of Clark College, was an event of unusual significance. Dr. Wright, as is well known, is an economist, and he chose for his subject 'Science and Economics.' After referring to the revolutionizing influence of science in the realm of theology and religion, President Wright pointed out a similar influence, not as yet generally appreciated, in the sphere of political economy. The subject was, properly, presented in broad, general outlines, touching as it does a wide range of topics, such as the Malthusian theory of population, the law of diminishing returns, the iron law of wages, and the like, and even the tariff, together with such matters as the relation of chemistry and engineering science to problems of national and international politics, and the