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I N D E X.

Age, Old, The Value of, John F. Cargill 313
Agricultural Education, Social Phase of, Kenyon L. Butterfield 353
Agriculture, The Department of 479
American Medical Association 477
Anatomists, Conference of, at the Wistar Institute 185
Anaximander, Earliest Precursor of Darwin, Charles R. Eastman 701
Ancestors of the Big Trees, Edward J. Berry 465
Animal Breeding. Recent Discoveries in Heredity and their bearing on, W. E. Castle 193
Animals, Plants that Hide from, W. J. Beal 178
"Marine and Freshwater, Cultivation of, in Japan 383
Archimedes, The Cattle Problem of, Mansfield Merriman 660

Beal, W. J., Plants that Hide from Animals 178
von Behring's Announcement, and the International Congress of Tuberculosis 763
Berry, Edward J., Ancestors of the Big Trees 465
Bessey, Charles E., Life in a Seaside Summer School 80
Biology of the Rocky Mountains, T. D. A. Cockerell 162
Botanical Garden at Buitenzorg, Java, Francis Ramaley 579
Breeding, Animal. Recent Discoveries in Heredity and their bearing on, W. E. Castle 193
Bronze and Stone Ages, Monuments of the, J. Howard Wilson 626
Buitenzorg, Java, Botanical Garden, Francis Ramaley 579
Burbank, Luther, A Visit to, Hugo de Vries 329
Burpee, J. Lawrence, How Canada is Solving her Transportation Problem 455
Butterfield, Kenyon L., The Social Phase of Agricultural Education 353

Canada's Transportation Problem, J. Lawrence Burpee 455
Cargill, John F., The Value of Old Age 313
Carnegie Foundation 184
Castle, W. E., Recent Discoveries in Heredity and their bearing on Animal Breeding 193
Cattle Problem of Archimedes, Mansfield Merriman 660
Children, Proportion of, in the United States 762
China, Some Phases of the Educational Problem in, Walter Ngon Fong 348
China's Renaissance, Charles Keyser Edmunds 387
Climate of the Central American Plateau, Gustave Michaud 231
Cockerell, T. D. A., The Biology of the Rocky Mountains 162
College of the White Deer Grotto, Charles Keyser Edmunds 515
""College Professors, American, The Status of, John J. Stevenson 748
Colloidal Mixtures, The Preparation and Properties of, Arthur A. Noyes 268
Consciousness, Human and Other Forms of, Henry Rutgers Marshall 252
"On Lapses of, Joseph Jastrow 481
Cornell Students, Distribution of the Daily Time of, Guy Montrose Whipple 538
Coulter, John M., Public Interest in Research 306
Cunningham, W., Unconscious Assumptions in Economics 528
Dandeno, J. B., Soil Fertility 622
Daniels, Arthur H., The Teaching of Logic 143

Darwin, Anaximander, the Earliest Precursor of 701
de Vries, Hugo, A Visit to Luther Burbank 329
Dolbear, A. E., Science Problems of the Twentieth Century 237

Earhart, R. F., and C. W. Foulk, State University Salaries 423
Eastman, Charles R., Greek Ideas of Vulcanism 555
"Anaximander, the Earliest Precursor of Darwin 701
Eclipse. Observer's Experiences in Sumatra, Charles Dillon Perrine 289
"of the Sun 573
Economics, Unconscious Assumptions in. W. Cunningham 528