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PSM V70 D010 Lower colorado river with the irrigable farms of us and mexico.png

but since all this territory lies beneath the level of the sea. it is even possible for engineers to change the course of the lower part of the river, so that it would carry water from the Gulf of California to assist in the lake's completion. It may be remarked in this connection, however, that there is no probability at present of such a series of possibilities being permitted to materialize. In the light of present considerations, the value of the land and its products far outweighs the possible benefits of such a lake and inland port. Nevertheless it is a matter worthy of consideration.

The Colorado Desert, of which the greater part would be covered by this inland sea, is bounded on the west by the Sierra Madre Mountains, on the north and east by the San Bernardino and Riverside Ranges, and on the east by the Colorado River. As, therefore, would be