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PSM V70 D191 Worcester Reed Warner.pngW. R. Warner, President of the Warner and Swasey Company, Vice-president of the Section for Mechanical Science and Engineering. leadership in introducing manual training in the schools, chose as the subject of his address 'The Science of Education,' and one of the most important transactions of the association was the establishment of a section of education. A similar section of the British Association, established several years ago, has proved to be of much value, and there is reason to believe that this section, which begins auspiciously with Dr. Elmer E. Brown, U. S. commissioner of education, as chairman, PSM V70 D191 Simon Flexner.pngSimon Flexner, Director of the Laboratoires of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, Vice-president for the Section of Physiology and Experimental Medicine. will accomplish much for the advancement of education as a science, for the teaching of science in the schools and colleges and for the improvement of educational administration in our schools, colleges and universities.

The section last established was one for physiology and experimental medicine, which at the present meeting PSM V70 D191 Charles A Conant.pngCharles A. Conant, Treasurer of the Morton Trust Company, Vice president for the Section for Social and Economic Science. cooperated with the national societies devoted to physiology, anatomy, bacteriology and psychology, and held a special session for the discussion of 'Protozoa as Factors in the Diseases of Animals and Plants.' It is also noteworthy that for the first time, at least in recent years, a representative of the medical sciences was president of the association, thus giving recognition to the fact that medicine