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It is not evident that all the work of the government for science or for public health should be concentrated in one department or bureau. Under existing conditions it is probably better that they should be found in each department. Thus the Agricultural Department is substantially a Department of Agricultural Science, and the Navy Department should become a Department of Naval Science, the Treasury Department a Department of Economic Science, etc. It is a distinct advantage that work on behalf of health should now be done under at least six of the nine departments of the federal government. What we need is an increase in amount, range and scientific productivity of the work done under each department, and a new bureau which can coordinate this work and cooperate in its extension.



Appended to the report of the president of the Carnegie Institution for 1906 are accounts of the scientific work carried forward under the auspices of the institution during the year. In addition to some forty minor grants, amounting in all to nearly $100,000, there were eleven departments, for the support of which over $450,000 was appropriated.

The largest appropriation last year was for the department of solar physics under the direction of Professor George E. Hale. Further progress has been made in equipping the observatory on Mt. Wilson, and a road has been built to the summit. Research has been carried forward in various directions,

PSM V70 D384 Mt wilson seen from the solar observatory mt hamilton.png

Mt. Wilson, from Mt. Hamilton, the Seat of the Solar Observatory of the Carnegie Institution.