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PSM V70 D396 View along the general penitentiary brick wall.png

Fig. 6. Looking North in General Penitentiary Brick-yard. Upper third of brick chimney, upper part of smokestack (to guys), and upper ring of lime-kiln; together with large part of the brick wall thrown to the east. Fissures made in ground in lower part of view.

countries, hearing the sound from the preliminary tremors, rushed out-of-doors into the street only to be thrown down toward the west by the violent shaking. He dragged an injured companion a hundred feet or so during the slight lessening of the violent shock, and then felt the second climax of a slow undulating character pass underneath. This experience is like the phenomena of double earthquake shocks which have come to Jamaica in past years, and also has characterized many of the sequent shocks. Another man repeated his actions and found that he could jump through the fallen wall of the house and then over

PSM V70 D396 View of the shattered landing place of the general penitentiary.png

Fig. 7. Looking North to Landing Place at General Penitentiary. Massive walls cracked;;a section of the eastern wall was demolished. Upper part of chimney overthrown to east.