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PSM V70 D406 Width of sunken belt between palisadoes and kingston.png

Fig. 13. Looking towards Kingston, across Harbor from Base of Palisadoes, showing width of sunken belt. Soundings of four fathoms were taken where the tree-tips emerge from the water, formerly near the old shore-line.

St. Anne's Bay, on the north shore, also had its harbor emptied for about seventy-five yards, after which a small incoming wave was followed by gradually lessening oscillations. A careful search ten days later along the other places of the harbor and coast line, however, revealed no trace of any sea wave, even of slight degree.

Thanks to the energy of the department in charge of the waterworks and to the good fortune that caused no important breaks in the system, Kingston was shut off from its water supply for only two hours. Some of its cement reservoirs situated near a large wrecked school building showed no damage. The pipe that carries the city's sewage eastward to the sea at the base of the Palisadoes, however, was broken at several places along the zone of Assuring, and its linear extent, like that of the water pipe along the Palisadoes, was marked by rifting in