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Cod Flakes in the Village of Isafiord.

banded by the successive flows of igneous rock, while at one point on the east wall an amphitheatrical cup was seen, just such as prevailed elsewhere, but here somewhat larger and accessible, and which begins the degradation and removal of the basaltic cliffs.

Early in the morning we left the steamer for the shore, and traversed the town. We saw the big cod storehouses where perhaps $10,000 worth of dried flat cod were piled up in snowy walls to the roof. Women work, spreading and weighing them, over the rocks. These women work eight or ten hours a day. and receive about fifty cents a day. the men about one dollar. The fish, headed and cleaned, of course, are gathered into tint piles over night, covered with oil skins, on which planks are placed, carrying a weight of stones, and distributed in the morning if the day is clear. There are perhaps three or four such establishments in the town, and they fill it with bustle and commercial activity. Stores (Verzlun), opened by German and Scotch traders, dispense to the people dry goods, art material, decorations and utensils, coffee houses entertain them. and. judging from the crowded