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fresh-water rhizopods and on other lower forms. In 1847 he discovered the trichina in the hog, and his "Flora and Fauna within Living Animals" is a classic on this subject. His work covered an immense range. He was well informed in botany and in mineralogy, and was master of the whole field of zoology, anatomy and paleontology, both on the side of the laboratory and of nature. The complications of modern science make it unlikely that there will be another man of his type. Men must now be more specialized and smaller, and this seems to hold to a certain extent for character as well as for scientific work. Leidy was not only a great naturalist, but also a great man—simple, kind, generous and just.


We regret to record the death of Professor Asaph Hall, the eminent American astronomer.

Nobel prizes have been awarded as follows: In physics to Professor A. A. Michelson, of the University of Chicago; in chemistry to Professor Eduard Buchner, of the Berlin Agricultural School; in medicine to M. Laveran, of Paris; in literature to Mr. Rudyard Kipling, and for the promotion of peace to M. Renault and M. Moneta.—The Copley medal of the Royal Society has been awarded to Professor A. A. Michelson, of the University of Chicago, and the Davy medal to Professor Edward Morley, emeritus professor of chemistry of Western Reserve University.—Professor Simon Newcomb has been elected a foreign member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences, Mr. Alexander Agassiz of the Vienna Academy of Sciences, and Dr. G. W. Hill and Professor H. F. Osborn, foreign members of the Edinburgh Royal Society.

An oil portrait of Professor James Mills Peirce Perkins, professor of mathematics at Harvard University until his death in 1905, has been presented to the university by his sister.—A portrait of Professor Arthur Schuster has been presented to Manchester University. It will be remembered that Professor Schuster recently retired from the active duties of the chair of physics.

Mr. Andrew Carnegie has added two million dollars to the endowment of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Mr. A. J. Montague, of Virginia, and Mr. W. B. Parsons, of New York, have been elected trustees of the institution.