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La Sorbonne. Paris.

A government commission, after a careful consideration of the petition of the professors, reported in favor of granting their request. Nothing came from the report. In 1846 there was another commission and another favorable report. Still there was delay. In 1855 a decree for immediate reconstruction of the buildings was passed and a cornerstone of what was supposed would be a new and adequate building was laid with great rejoicings. But nothing more was done till 1871 when there was another commission and another favorable report. Money for rebuilding was not secured till 1885. New and enlarged plans meanwhile had been made, and the work of construction was put into the hands of a young man who had been in the practise of his profession less than five years. But he had been carefully trained both in Paris and in Borne. The cornerstone of the now Sorbonne was laid August 3, 1885, in the presence of Jules Grevy, president of the republic, the minister of public instruction and the faculties of the university. Four years later the edifice was ready for dedication. It had cost 22,000,000 francs. It is a model of its kind, severely simple yet beautiful in its adornments and its harmony. At the dedication on August 5, 1889, there were present President Carnot of the Republic, with the members of his cabinet, the officials of the university, representatives of foreign countries and foreign universities and members of the different academies connected with the institute. For its purpose the building is said to be one of the finest in existence.