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statement that the Ceratitis on peach was effectually controlled by parasites in Brazil would be sufficient to discredit this entire method of investigation. For this reason only the best trained scientists especially educated for this line of work should attempt it and it would seem in many ways an appropriate work for the government to take up as it would necessitate much travel and expense, and its benefits would not be restricted to any one state.

If economic entomology is to attain success during the present century then it will be by inducing a more general adoption of the methods of treatment now known but not used generally enough; by the production of new, pest-resistant varieties of plants by experimental plant breeding; and by utilization of all the parasitic forces the world has available, establishing the parasites where their services are most needed and as free as possible from their own enemies. The old methods have proved too nearly useless because they have been so little adopted. A new departure must be taken and the world is waiting for a new Moses to lead the way out of the wilderness.