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PSM V72 D195 Joseph Paxson Iddings.pngJ. P. Iddings, Ph.D.,
Professor of Petrology, at the University of Chicago. Retiring Vice-president and Chairman of the Section of Geology and Geography.
being in large measure delegated to the national scientific societies, while the council, representing both the parent association and the affiliated societies is able to speak with authority in behalf of the science of the whole country. The number and character of the resolutions passed by the council at the Chicago meeting is significant. In response to a letter from the president of the United States a committee was appointed on conservation PSM V72 D195 Charles Edwin Bessey.pngCharles E. Bessey, Ph.D.,
Professor of Botany, University of Nebraska. Retiring Vice-president and Chairman of the Section of Botany.
of the natural resources of the country. Resolutions were passed recommending a research laboratory for tropical diseases at the Isthmus of Panama and a biological survey prior to the migrating of marine animals that will occur when the canal is completed, PSM V72 D195 Elmer Ellsworth Brown.pngElmer Ellsworth Brown,
U. S. Commissioner of Education. Retiring Vice-president and Chairman of the Section of Education.
supporting the committee of one hundred in its efforts to increase the efficiency of the government in dealing with problems of public health, advocating the enlargement of the work of the Bureau of Education, favoring work in seismology by the national government, and in other directions. The association will a year hence com-